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Beech figure

Product ID # 23/23

Beech figure

Can you build the tallest and most stable tower?

Join the game and test your skills!

*Product sold per piece. To have fun, we suggest purchasing at least 15 pieces :)

Dimensions (cm): L 8 Depth 1.5 Height 9,5

5,62 zł
5,62 zł tax excl.

Playing with wooden blocks is not only fun, but also a challenge for your reflexes and perception.

Your goal is to build the highest tower possible, arranging the blocks in a stable way to avoid it collapsing.
During the game, you will have to make quick decisions and stay focused because every move matters. Practice your precision and dexterity to make your tower grow taller without the risk of falling.

The game with wooden blocks is perfect for family parties, social gatherings and any occasion where you want to combine fun with a mental challenge.


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