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Luba box - round/ big

Product ID # PL300d

Luba box - round/ big

Wooden box with open-work cover - made out of luba material. Cheap natural box - very pretty and fashion able. Very useful at each home, and decorative at the same time.

Dimensions (cm): Height 6.3 16.2

9,82 zł
9,82 zł tax excl.

Stylish and functional wooden container with a lid, which will be a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

The lid of the container has been adorned with a beautiful lace-like pattern, which not only adds elegance but also allows ventilation, maintaining the freshness of stored products.

Thanks to its elegant appearance and practicality, this container will be an excellent gift for a loved one on birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.


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