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Box Merci

Product ID # PZ216

Box Merci

Wooden box for chocolates made of natural wood.

The box is intended for use as a decorative package for popular Merci chocolates, but it can also be used as a tray for storage or decoration.

Preview photo in arrangement. "Merry Christmas" cut-out sold separately - product ZL216/2.

Dimensions (cm): L 21.6 Depth 18.2 Height 3.1

12,74 zł
12,74 zł tax excl.

The wooden box for chocolates is an elegant and practical way to store and present favorite sweets such as Merci, but it can also be used as a storage box or decoration.

The box is perfect for various occasions: from holidays and birthdays to important family or business events. It can also be used as a decorative element at parties and banquets.

Designed with attention to detail, these boxes are perfect for anyone who appreciates high quality and aesthetics.

For companies that send thank-you gifts to their clients, the wooden box for chocolates is not only a creative gift, but also subtly communicates how much they appreciate their loyalty and support. It's an elegant way to express gratitude that will surely be appreciated by every recipient.

For larger orders, customization is possible. 


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