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Short mechanism (for clock face max 3mm thick)


Product ID # ZEMK

Short mechanism (for clock face max 3mm thick)

Dimensions (cm): L 5,5 Depth 6,5 Height 2,5

4,16 zł
4,16 zł tax excl.

The short mechanism for a dial with a maximum thickness of 3 mm is a clock mechanism that is designed to be installed in dials of small thickness. It is a key component of the clock, which is responsible for driving the hands and precise timekeeping.

Here are some basic features of such a mechanism:

Compact size: These mechanisms are usually small and lightweight, allowing them to be mounted in thin clock faces.
Precise drive: Short mechanisms are designed to provide precise and reliable operation, which is crucial to the accuracy of a clock.
Ease of installation: Due to their design, these mechanisms are easy to install, allowing for quick and simple installation in clocks with thin dial faces.
Power: Most of the short mechanisms are battery-powered, allowing them to operate for long periods of time without the need for frequent battery changes.
Versatility: These mechanisms can be used in various types of clocks, from wall clocks to table clocks, providing versatility and wide application.


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